# Hero : MBObjectBase, ITrackableCampaignObject, ITrackableBase

Heroes are all the unique characters in the game. This class contains all the information of these characters and allows you to change them.

Using / Namespaces
System 20204

# Example of usage


# Variables

Mods Name Type Notes Value
public const RelationLimit int Max value for relation 100
public const RelationNeutralLimit int Max value for relation with neutral heroes 10
public LastTimeStampForActivity int Last activity timestamp
const MaximumNumberOfVolunteers int TODO 6
public VolunteerTypes; CharacterObject[] TODO
public NumberOfCreatedParties int Number of parties
private readonly _occupiedByAnEvent List<string> TODO
private _passedTimeAtHomeSettlement; float Time at home settlement
private _characterObject CharacterObject Character object info
public FirstName TextObject First name
public Name TextObject Name
public Detected bool Have you met with hero
public DaysLeftToRespawn int Days for respawn
private _heroStates CharacterStates Hero's state
private _heroTraits CharacterTraits Hero's traits
private _heroPerks CharacterPerks Hero's perks
private _heroSkills CharacterSkills Hero's skills
private _charAttributeValues int[6] Character attributes points
public NeverBecomePrisoner bool Will never be prisoner?
private _alwaysUnconscious; bool TODO
public AlwaysDie bool Is hero always dir (for what?)
public LastVisitTimeOfHomeSettlement float Last visit home settlement
public Level int Level of hero
const HeroWoundedHealthLevel int Value, below which hero is wounded 20
private _companionOf Clan Clan that include hero?
private _cachedLastSeenInformation HeroLastSeenInformation Heros's last seen info
IsMercenary IsMercenary bool Is hero mercenary
SpcDaysInLocation SpcDaysInLocation int TODO
private _health int Health
private _birthDay CampaignTime BearthDay
private _deathDay CampaignTime Day of death
private _power int Power
public VisitedSettlements Dictionary<Settlement, float> Visited settlements
private _clan Clan Hero's clan
private _supporterOf Clan TODO
private _governorOf Town Governor of
private _ownedWorkshops List<Workshop> Owned workshops
private _ownedCommonAreas List<CommonArea> Owned areas
private _ownedParties List<PartyBase> Owned parties
public Culture CultureObject Culture
public _partyBelongedTo MobileParty TODO
private _stayingInSettlementOfNotable Settlement TODO
public SpecialItems List<(ItemObject)[]> TODO
private _controversy float TODO
private _hasMet bool Has hero met
private _bornSettlement Settlement Born settlement
private _gold int Gold
public RandomValue int ??
public RandomValueDeterministic int ??
public RandomValueRarelyChanging int ??
private _father Hero Father
private _mother Hero Mother
private readonly _exSpouses List<Hero> ??
public ExSpouses MBReadOnlyList<Hero> Ex. spouses
private _spouse Hero Spouse
private readonly _children ListHero> Children
public IsFertile bool Can hero have children
public IsPregnant bool Is hero pregnant now
private reeadonly _heroDeveloper HeroDeveloper TODO

# Properties

  • internal StaticBodyProperties StaticBodyProperties { get; set; }
  • CanHaveRecruits - A boolean that details if this hero can have recruits. Preachers, Rural Notables, Mercenaries, Gang Leaders, Merchants, and Headmen can have recruits. This property can only be read, not changed.

# Functions

Work in progress

# struct HeroLastSeenInformation

Name Type Notes
LastSeenPlace Settlement TODO
LastSeenDate CampaignTime TODO
IsNearbySettlement bool TODO

# enum CharacterStates

  • NotSpawned
  • Active
  • Fugitive
  • Prisoner
  • Released
  • Dead
  • Disabled

# enum FactionRank

  • None = -1
  • Vassal
  • Leader