Work In Progress by Watikita, V1.1

# Agent [Type]

You can think of an agent as any living entity in the game.

This might be the player, an NPC character, or even a horse.

# Relevant methods and properties

Syntax Return Type Does What? Available Values/Extensions Example
unit.Age public float Get/Set the age of the agent N/A float age = unit.Age
unit.AgentRole public AgentRole Get/Set the role of the agent I have no idea. I have no idea.
unit.Scale public float Get the scaling factor of the agent N/A float scale = unit.Scale
unit.AIStateFlags public AIStateFlag Get or sets the [state flag] of the AI Alarmed, Cautious, Guard, None, Paused unit.AIStateFlags = Agent.AIStateFlag.Alarmed
unit.AttackDirection public AttackDirection Get the direction the Agent is attacking towards Top, Left, Down, Right
unit.Character public BasicCharacterObject Used to link between Hero.MainHero and the player Agent [unit.Character]
unit.ClearAttachedWeapons public void Clears the weapons attached to the Agent N/A Method
unit.ClearAttachedEquipment public void Clears the equipment attached to the Agent N/A Method
unit.ClothingColor1 public Color Gets the clothing color of the agent N/A I have no idea.
unit.Controller public Contorller Get/Set the controller of the agent Player, AI I have no idea.
unit.CrouchMode public bool Returns true if the agent is crouched N/A bool crouch = unit.CrouchMode;

# Relevant boolean properties

# Tips

  • You can get the player agent through the Agent.Main property (assuming they are alive).

# Agent [Class]

The agent class is the class used to access the universal types of properties that all Agents have.

# Nested Enums

Name Type Contains / Does Arguments/Enum listings Tips
Agent.AiStateFlag Enum A set of all available State Flags Alarmed, Cautious, Guard, None, Paused, UseObjectMoving, UseObjectUsing, UseObjectWaiting
Agent.ControllerType Enum A set of all available Control Types, if control type is player the agent is player-controlled AI, Count, None, Player Can be also use with Agent.Main.ControllerType to set to player controller
Agent.CreationType Enum A set of all available Creation Types, only use is finding Horses afaik FromCharacterObj, FromHorseObj, FromRooster, Invalid
Agent.KillInfo Enum A set of information related to how an Agent was killed, should dedicate an entire section ALL weapon types, each has their own listings that return strings/ints
Agent.GuardMode Enum A set of all the defensive directions one could guard from Top, Left, Down, Right
Agent.UsageDirection Enum A set of all directions and actions one could use do any held item. AttackAny, AttackTop, AttackLeft, AttackCenter, AttackDown, AttackRight, DefendAny, DefendTop, DefendLeft, DefendCenter, DefendDown, DefendRight