# Widget

Widgets are a great way to create interactable content for your UIs. This may include scrollbars, buttons, tooltips, and so on.

# Common Predefined Widgets Include

  • ButtonWidget
  • ImageWidget
  • ListPanel
  • RichTextWidget
  • ScrollablePanel
  • ScrollBarWidget
  • TextWidget
  • TooltipWidget
  • Widget

# Note

There many more widgets; the above are just the most commonly used widgets. You can find the other widgets by decompiling the TaleWorlds.GauntletUI.dll and TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.GauntletUI.dll DLLs. Widgets inherit the Widget class and the tag name for that widget will be the same as class name.

# Common Predefined Attributes for Widgets Include

  • Brush
  • Command.Click (Command.YourKeyHere)
  • DataSource (Properties with DataSourceProperty Attribute in C#)
  • DoNotAcceptEvents
  • HorizontalAlignment / VerticalAlignment
  • Id
  • MarginLeft / MarginRight / MarginTop / MarginBottom
  • Sprite
  • SuggestedWidth / SuggestedHeight
  • Text (Text Widgets only)
  • WidthSizePolicy / HeightSizePolicy

# Creating a Custom Widget

You can create a custom widget by simply creating a class that inherits from Widget. After doing so, you can use your Widget inside any Movie. The tag name for your widget will be the same as the class name you used for it.