# MBDebug

MBDebug contains helper functions for easy display of debugging information.

Note that some methods have the attribute [Conditional("_RGL_KEEP_ASSERTS")], meaning, the call is not compiled unless the _RGL_KEEP_ASSERTS compiler condition is set.

Set the conditional compile flag by navigation to the project properties -> Build, and set Conditional compilation symbols to _RGL_KEEP_ASSERTS.

# Examples

# Drawing debug lines showing where every caravan on the map is and where it is going.

Requires _RGL_KEEP_ASSERTS compilation flag.

using TaleWorlds.Engine;

// ARGB color
uint destArrowColor = 0xb0ea7712;
foreach (var caravan in MobileParty.AllCaravanParties)
    var destination = caravan.TargetSettlement;

    if (destination is null)
    Vec3 caravanPos = caravan.GetPosition();
    Vec3 destPos = destination.GetPosition();

    MBDebug.RenderDebugDirectionArrow(caravanPos, destPos - caravanPos, destArrowColor, false);