# Modding Gauntlet Without C#

# Important

# Introduction

The following guide will walk you through step-by-step on how to create a mod that can overwrite any Gauntlet UI without using any C#. For this example, we will be overriding the Quests UI with some custom title text.

# Preparation

# For this tutorial, we will be naming our project _ExampleUIMod.

Note: The underscore in the name is used to ensure that our mod is loaded first (see issue above).

# Setting up your Module (SubModule.xml)

  1. Go to your game files and locate the Modules directory.

  2. Create a new folder and name it _ExampleUIMod (Must be the same as the Id you use for Step #5).

  3. Create a new folder named GUI and open it.

  4. Now create a new folder in your GUI directory called Prefabs. We will come back to this folder later in the tutorial.

  5. Go back to the module folder you created in Step #2 and create a new SubModule.xml file and then paste the following into it:

        <Name value="Example UI Mod"/>
        <Id value="_ExampleUIMod"/>
        <Version value="v1.0.0"/>
        <SingleplayerModule value="true"/>
        <MultiplayerModule value="false"/>
  6. Start the launcher and make sure your mod appears under Singleplayer > Mods.

For more information on the Module folder structure, Click Here.

# Overriding a Gauntlet UI

Note: You can override any Gauntlet UI. However, for this tutorial, we will only be overriding the Quests UI.

  1. Go to Modules\SandBox\GUI\Prefabs\QuestsScreen and copy the QuestsScreen.xml file to your clipboard
  2. Go to the Prefabs folder you created in Step 4 of Setting up your Module and paste the QuestsScreen.xml from your clipboard.
  3. Open the pasted file in a text editor.
  4. Search (Ctrl+F) for a Text="@QuestTitleText" and go to this section of the file.
  5. Replace @QuestTitleText (including @ symbol) with the text you want the title to be.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Open the Bannerlord launcher and navigate to Singleplayer > Mods then make sure that your mod is ticked and start the game and load any save.
  8. Open the Quests UI and you should see the text you added in the top middle of the screen.
  9. You have now successfully created your first Bannerlord Gauntlet mod!

# How To Enable & Use Live UI Editing

Live UI editting is a feature in the game that will make your life a lot easier. Unfortunately though, it isn't something you can enable with just the base game.

To enable it, you will need to download the DeveloperConsole Mod (opens new window).

Once you have downloaded & installed the Developer Console Mod, follow the steps below to enable live editing for your game session.

  1. Open the game launcher and then make sure Developer Console is ticked in Singleplayer > Mods along with your Gauntlet UI mod.
  2. The Developer Console mod uses the shortcut CTRL + ~ (tilde) to enable the console. If this shortcut doesn't work for you, try pressing CTRL and then the key on your keyboard above Tab and below Esc.
  3. Now that you can see the console, you will want to type the command ui.toggle_debug_mode to enable the live UI editing feature.
  4. Any changes you make to your UIs should now update automatically in-game.