# CraftedItem

# Example Entry

Source: Modules/SandBoxCore/ModuleData/spitems.xml

  <CraftedItem id="peasant_maul_t1"
      <Piece id="spear_blade_44"
             scale_factor="102" />
      <Piece id="spear_handle_1"
             Type="Handle" />

# Parent node

# Child node

# Attributes

id | name | crafting_template | culture | is_merchandise

  • # id

    type: string
    example: sturgia_axe_3_t3
    The ID of the item

  • # name

    type: string
    example: {=wW3iouiU}Hijab
    Note: The prefix in the {=} format is the translation id found in strings.txt
    TODO: Find out if this is auto generated.

  • # crafting_template

    type: string
    possible values: 'TwoHandedPolearm', 'OneHandedAxe', 'Mace', 'TwoHandedAxe', 'OneHandedSword', 'TwoHandedSword', 'Pike', 'Dagger', 'Javelin', 'ThrowingAxe', 'ThrowingKnife'
    example: TwoHandedPolearm

  • # culture

    type: string
    possible values: 'Culture.aserai', 'Culture.sturgia', 'Culture.battania', 'Culture.looters', 'Culture.khuzait', 'Culture.vlandia', 'Culture.empire', 'Culture.neutral_culture'
    example: Culture.aserai

  • # is_merchandise

    type: boolean
    example: false
    If the item is marketable