# Getting Started

# Important

Before proceeding, it is important to have a good understanding of the SubModule.xml file, as this file tells the game what it should be loading when your mod is selected.

# Tools

# C# IDE

# Text Editor

Any text editor will suffice, but one of these is recommended...

# Modding without C#

There are several aspects of the game you can mod without C#. This includes scenes, items, cultures, characters, Gauntlet UIs, and many more.

# Modding with C#

The module-based modding system makes modding in Bannerlord much easier than past games in the series and allows for much more complexity in your mods.

# Creating a Module

In Bannerlord an individual mod is called a Module and the only required part is the SubModule folder itself and a SubModule.xml file which informs the launcher of your mod.

  1. Create a new folder in the Modules directory in your game files, the name of the folder must be the name of your SubModule.
  2. Create a SubModule.xml file in your new folder. You can see an example here or find the full documentation here

# Next Steps

  • Refer to the Folder Structure page for additional information on what additional directories to add depending on the intended content of your mod.
  • Refer to the Basic C# Mod page for an example of how to set up, build and run code in Bannerlord.
  • Refer to the Modding Gauntlet UIs Without C# page for information on how to mod Gauntlet UIs without using any C#.