# ChangeOwnerOfSettlementAction

The function of this class is to set or change the owner of a settlement.

# Functions

Here is a list of functions that detail different ways a settlement can change ownership:

  • ApplyByDefault(Herohero,Settlementsettlement) - Called at the start of a campaign or when a player cheats to attain a settlement
  • ApplyByKingDecision(Herohero,Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyBySiege(HeronewOwner,HerocapturerHero,Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyByRevolt(Herohero,Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyByLeaveFaction(Herohero,Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyByBarter(Herohero,Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyByRemoveFaction(Settlementsettlement)
  • ApplyByDestroyClan(Settlementsettlement,HeronewOwner) - Called when owner of settlement dies, when this happens, the fief is passed to a random child of the previous owner