# GameEntity

GameEntities are objects (entities) in the game. Examples include characters, buildings, trees, and horses to name a few. Every prop in the game is a GameEntity.

GameEntities contain Meshes, Skeletons, PhysicsBodies, and ScriptComponents along with a variety of other things for each object in the game.

You can add a GameEntity to a scene by editing the Scene's scene.xscene file or spawn (instantiate) one directly using the following static method from the GameEntity class:

GameEntity.Instantiate(Scene scene, string prefabName, MatrixFrame frame)

Example Usage (spawning at main Agent):

GameEntity.Instantiate(Mission.Current.Scene, "ship_a", Agent.Main.Frame)

# Multiplayer GameEntities

Some GameEntities will not be synced between Clients, unless a SynchedMissionObject ScriptComponent is added.