# Scene

Scenes are the current loaded view of the instances.

# Tips

  • You can get current scene with Mission.Current.Scene assuming Mission.Current is not null and Scene is loaded.

  • You can get the Scenes' static information through /Modules/_MODULENAME_/SceneObj/.

# Scene Detection Example

Note: You should NEVER modify the default game files directly.

Each Module's Scene is located in the corresponding SceneObj directory. For example, SandBox scenes are located in /Modules/SandBox/SceneObj.

In this example the path: /Modules/SandBox/SceneObj/arena_aserai_a. Open up the scene.xscene with preferred text editor.

The second line in the file contains the name of this particular Scene.

<scene name="arena_aserai_a" version="2"> name of the Scene is arena_aserai_a.

And then check the current Scene in code by it's name.

if(Mission.Current.SceneName == "arena_aserai_a")
    // ...