# ScriptComponentBehaviour

ScriptComponentBehaviours can be used to do anything from animating (rotating) windmills, to creating a custom weapon spawner, or even entirely new siege machines.

A basic example of a ScriptComponentBehaviour is the LumberJack class in TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.dll:

    public class Lumberjack : ScriptComponentBehaviour
        private bool _initialized;

        protected internal override void OnTick(float dt)
            if (!this._initialized)
                this._initialized = true;
                base.GameEntity.Skeleton.SetAnimationAtChannel("lumberjack", 0, 1f, -1f, 0f);
                MetaMesh copy = MetaMesh.GetCopy("peasent_hatchet", true, false);
                base.GameEntity.AddMultiMeshToSkeletonBone(copy, 27);

** Note: It is probably better to override OnInit() instead of OnTick() here. Since this is how it was written by TaleWorlds, this example will remain as-is for the time being.

Possible Reason: Meshes can not be Edited/Set etc in OnInit u have to wait atleast a Tick, else ur Game Crashes